Thursday, 20 July 2017

App Store Optimization to improve App Ranking

App store optimisation techniques or ASO are used to improve the discoverability of an app in the application store, like Google Play store and Apple App store. Improving your visibility essentially means improving the discoverability and thus traffic, which ultimately results in users downloading the app.
App store optimisation techniques doesn’t just impact your traffic but directly contributes to higher downloads, more usage and revenue. ASO essentially ranks your app high in the store’s search result page for keywords relevant to you. It is very much similar to SEO in its purpose and basic working. The major difference is in the factors that contribute to the ranking. In both the major app stores, unique algorithms are used to arrive at the ranking of the apps in the results page.

The algorithm finds the rank of a particular app by evaluating various metrics like visits, downloads, ratings, reviews, uninstalls etc. Another important factor in ranking is the reliance of the searched keyword to your app. App store optimisation services focuses on various activities to improve the factors contributing to the ranking like alter the app’s metadata, getting better ratings, more reviews, more attractive graphics etc.
ASO also analyses stats across various user journey stages like introduction to the app, usage of the app, retaining the user, engaging the user etc., and strives to find the weak points and strengthen them. Through App store Optimisation techniques you can track keyword ranking, understand keyword to install relations, track a competing applications performance and even influence it. Hire ArtLumen today and get your App ranked high in the Play store and app store through our unique app store optimisation services.

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