Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Marketing Your Business Through Online Advertisements

Advertising plays a very vital role in generating ROI of a business.Business or companies use advertising to communicate with there clients or customers.Through advertising a product can reach
mass communities through various channels.Advertising is an effective way to inform the market about a new product ar a new brand.
Besides the traditional methods like newspapers, magazines, banners etc social media and other internet channels have a very effective and low cost role in advertising in the new era.
online advertising is more powerful and effective in reaching new customers, and diversify their revenue streams.

Types of Internet Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
It is the process of obtaining traffic through free and organic means from search engines like google, bing etc

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Method of obtaining traffic from search engines through paid methods

Social Media Marketing:
Method of marketing a product through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.

E-Mail Marketing:
Marketing through E-mail Campaigns which consist of text messages, images and link to the particular website

Video Marketing:
Marketing the product using videos through channels like you tube

Digital marketing Agencies:
Digital marketing agencies provide online marketing services through various channels which helps to generate more leads and sales.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

mobile app development technology company

Mobile application development is a term used to mean the demonstration or process by which mobile application is created for cell phones, for example,personal digital assistant, enterprise digital assistant or cell phones. Now various mobile app development technology company are growing our country so also improving the job opportunities.Various programming languages used for mobile app development such as HTML5 ,Objective-C ,C++,Java,C#. Mobile app technologies using different technologies,they are
  • Hybrid technology
  • Native technology
  • Mobile web technology

1.Hybrid technology
Hybrid technology consolidates the best (or most noticeably bad) of both the native and HTML5 universes. Native as a web application, basically build using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is then wrapped inside a thin local compartment that gives access to local stage highlights.

2.Native technology
A native application is an application program that has been developed for use on a specific stage or devices. Since native applications are composed for a particular platform, they can collaborate with and take advantages of operating system(os)features and other programming that is normally introduced on that platform.

3.Mobile web technology
Mobile Web applications are not real time  applications; they are truly sites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. . They are controlled by a program and ordinarily written in HTML5. Clients first access them as they would get to any website page: they explore to an extraordinary URL and after that have the option  of "introducing" them on their home screen by making a bookmark to that page.

Friday, 16 February 2018

5 ecommerce wordpress plugin for a better user experience

The digital world is growing rapidly and now it is so easy to create an ecommerce website for business purpose. We use a different functional platforms like wordpress, including functionality and customized plugins have enabled organizations to emerge from their competitors. User experience is an important factor for Customers browsing through the internet,many ecommerce sites are gradually adding some additional features for customers easy shopping experience. Now gradually increasing the ecommerce web development company so increasing job opportunities. Mainly we use different plugins to your business for better e-commerce solution. Here are some of them to add to your list:

From WooThemes is a free toolbox that has numerous extraordinary highlights. Among certain different advantages that are given by this module, the greatest points of interest is the choice of premium subjects that are there for procurement. WooThemes offers its own particular subjects that can without much of a stretch be utilized with WooCommerce. Other than WooThemes individual topics, there are various outsider subjects that can be coordinated with WooCommerce.


Provide an online business gadgets to various substance administration frameworks including WordPress as well. Ecwid is accessible to download for free and can be incorporated with social profiles,like Facebook page or profile. The allowed  free to install  plans have all the standard web based business highlights. What's more, paid plans are accessible with particular charges and extra features.


Marketpress is a most capable online business shopping cart plugin. It helps in the improvement of a stylish store from the beginning less time. The best thing about this plugin is that it is good with all WordPress topics. Marketplaces support various installment gateways like  PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorized.net and more.

4.Social Coupon

Social coupon gives you the chance to offer discount to your clients, if they share your item via social media sites. As a client shares a page, a coupon code is naturally added to their cart. Since everyone loves discount they will be happy to get additional points for their shopping. Social coupon module works with WooCommerce couponing framework. With the assistance of this plugin, you can pick your own cart and checkout social conveyances.


It is available  from  free version and an expert version with a few permit choices. The free form involves order management,promotions, control of expense and shipping charges, support  for different monetary standards.  The expert version underpins payment and membership access. The best thing about the two forms is that it permits offering items from any page or post.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

How Does social media marketing helps seo?


The web-based social networking isn't an immediate Google positioning 

component, yet the social profiles and posts can emphatically influence organic

 rankings. Here are four ways the online networking really helps SEO endeavors.

 There are,

  • Potential for Links

  • Social networks have search engines too
  • Build an audience
  • Help promotion

1.Potential for Links

The more offers via social media you have, the more chance people see your
 content and image. It shows the popular content on social media that help to 
attract potential link.

It doesn't make a difference whether it's Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, if you
 build a high quality content that gains trust on social media you get the backlinks
 from other websites.

2.Social networks have search engines too

The people uses search within the social networks. Many peoples are profession
als, so all are using the social media like Linkedin, Twitter etc. Social media can
 help very much to upgrade your profile for focused LinkedIn seeks. At the point 
when individuals see your social profile or your organization profile consistently,
 unavoidably they will visit your site.

3.Build an audience

With the quantity of individuals via web-based networking media, its overall reach
, and its simplicity of sharing, online networking is an incredible method to 
construct your web presence and rapidly build an audience.

It is also seen that navigate rates can affect web crawler rankings. Online
 networking helps to build brand awareness and an audience, which improves
 the probability that individuals will tap on your image's substance in Google's
 search results.

4.Help promotion

Online networking platforms to promote your content to your group of audience 
and have the capacity to get brilliant backlinks. But individuals by and large 
utilizing web-based social networking isn't pondering work. They're thinking 
about their interests and diversions. So If you can take chances that you can 
adopt an alternate strategy, you just might get the improvement engagement.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Best web designing company in Kochi

Why websites are most important.?

                      In the modern IT world, website is the online showcase of your brand. Because everything is run by the internet. Finding the nearest coffee shops, parking places, restaurants and getting various informations, everything has to do with the internet, and in order to be on the internet we need website. So, website is the  identity of your company brand, as well as sell or inform the visitors. Therefor in the modern world, websites carries various crucial important roles.
                     There are so many web development  companies in this entire world, but not all them can provide committed to forming and maintaining long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our client by providing them world class web related services at an affordable prices. But, ArtLumen should provide the services, website development, website redesigns, web hosting and maintenance in customer relationships through affordable prices. So, ArtLumen is always one of the leading  web solution companies in Kerala.
                      Are you looking for a various Web Development Services in Kochi? ArtLumen is the best Web Designing Company in Kochi. We offer smart, effective and attractive  websites, and web hosting at an affordable rates. And we specialised in web related services,beautiful and attractive website designs for all business firms with our expert team of web designers. We are also keeping an international quality sites are designed.
ArtLumen’s prompt and timely delivery of websites projects, that make us the best Website Designing Company in Kerala.

Are you just starting your business or your business not making much money as you expected? Don’t worry.. ArtLumen’s helps to promote your business in Online, like Social Media Marketing, google Ads.services etc. Trust us, and we develop your business..

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Top Leading Digital Marketing Agency in India

While comes to Digital marketing, you will deal with a lots of unknown sources and dynamics. Digital Marketing helps to grow your brand presence over the Digital World and it brings you more outcome than that of traditional marketing. For this you need a good Digital Marketing Agency and they will bring wonders to your business. Outsourcing the marketing needs to the best Digital marketing Agency in India is one of the best investment plan for the growth of your business because,


1.Expertise - Digital marketing is not just limited with searches and paid advertising, it has wide range of scope and medium requires multiple set of skills and it isn’t possible for a single person to process all these skills and for specialist it easy to handle.

2. Cost Effective & Industry Updated - While working with a Digital marketing Agency it is easy to execute the new strategies in the most cost effective way and it helps you to industry updated.

3. Access to all new latest Tools and  Technology - Most of the Digital marketing Agencies have world class technologies and use latest tools to increase the productivity and performance.

Get the best and world class Digital Marketing services from the leading Digital marketing Company in India at affordable Digital marketing packages. Reach us and grow your business.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

App Store Optimization to improve App Ranking

App store optimisation techniques or ASO are used to improve the discoverability of an app in the application store, like Google Play store and Apple App store. Improving your visibility essentially means improving the discoverability and thus traffic, which ultimately results in users downloading the app.
App store optimisation techniques doesn’t just impact your traffic but directly contributes to higher downloads, more usage and revenue. ASO essentially ranks your app high in the store’s search result page for keywords relevant to you. It is very much similar to SEO in its purpose and basic working. The major difference is in the factors that contribute to the ranking. In both the major app stores, unique algorithms are used to arrive at the ranking of the apps in the results page.

The algorithm finds the rank of a particular app by evaluating various metrics like visits, downloads, ratings, reviews, uninstalls etc. Another important factor in ranking is the reliance of the searched keyword to your app. App store optimisation services focuses on various activities to improve the factors contributing to the ranking like alter the app’s metadata, getting better ratings, more reviews, more attractive graphics etc.
ASO also analyses stats across various user journey stages like introduction to the app, usage of the app, retaining the user, engaging the user etc., and strives to find the weak points and strengthen them. Through App store Optimisation techniques you can track keyword ranking, understand keyword to install relations, track a competing applications performance and even influence it. Hire ArtLumen today and get your App ranked high in the Play store and app store through our unique app store optimisation services.

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